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Friday, June 20, 2008

Show off your other crafts

How many of us scrapbookers have multiple crafty hobbies? I think many of us enjoy multiple crafts. A lot of people do incorporate other paper crafts into their scrapbooks. I did a layout this winter using ribbon embroidery. I wanted the layout to have a subtle but eye-catching touch, and I decided that this would be the perfect effect. I backed my patterned paper with fabric to give it extra support so it wouldn't tear the paper excessively, although it will still create relatively large holes where the ribbon goes through. The layout reflects celebrating Christmas just before the passing of my mother-in-law.

Do you crochet? You could crochet a flower for your pages, or punch holes along the edge of a piece of card stock and crochet a piece of trim for your page. Or add some Spirelli to your pages; notched paper shapes that are wrapped with thread all around. With experience the designs can become quite complicated, but even a simple design can add a nice touch to the right page. Here’s a blog with an example of the technique. If you have the gift of drawing, what better way to show it off than to incorporate it into your scrapbook pages for future generations to see! Tole painting is another way to incorporate some beautiful art work into your scrapbook pages. If you want to try cross stitching on your page I would suggest planning your pattern first, by creating a template and placing it onto your layout so you can pierce holes for your design ahead of time. Then use a needle with a much smaller head than the traditional cross stitch needle.

Maybe you’re not so crafty; keep your eye out when you are shopping and you might be able to pick up something crafty to incorporate into your pages. Thrift stores and yard sales are usually great place to keep your eye out for these little touches.

Whatever your crafts may be, try to find a way to incorporate them into your scrapbooks. Not only is it a great way to decorate a page, it will also say a lot about yourself, and what you like to do.

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