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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Re-use it!

I have seen some ingenius ways to use common household items on a scrapbook page and they really help me get inspired, so I thought I would share a few.

Pop Tops
These fun items can be used a number of ways.
*To make what looks like a belt with some ribbon and the soda pop top as the "buckle"
*As a clasp on a mini-album. You bend the pop top so that the wider circle goes over the side and then glue the other side to the front of the album. Use ribbon to tie it shut. Or use two pop tops put the second one on the back page of the mini album and use a small peice of ribbon to tie them shut.

Clock Handles
I've seen these all over the place. People use them like arrows. They look great on heritage layouts.

Saran Wrap
If you wad it up and dip it on a stamp pad it makes a great texture background. I use this all the time when I have a color that I want to use in a stamp pad, but I don't have paper that will match. It takes about 3 minutes to cover a whole 12x12 page.

Here is a layout where I used saran wrap to make the background texture:

These are another great thing to use, and there are lots of kinds of beads you can get that won't make your page too lumpy. Here is one way I have used beads.

1 comment:

Estir_BunE said...

Being as much into recycling as I am - I LOVE these ideas! COOL!