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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trick for homemade rub oldie but a goodie!

I know this is an older trick but I have found it to be useful several times. This is for those times where you want to use a rub on on your LO but don't have just the one that you are looking for in your stash.

1. You go into your word processing program (i.e. - Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, etc.) and type the word (or letter or get the idea) that you want.

2. Click on "File", then "Print". This should bring up the "Print" window. Click on "Properties", then "Basics". In this window, make sure you check the box for "Mirror Image".

3. While you have the Print window open, also check that your printer is set to Plain Paper and Best quality.

4. Load your transparency sheet into the printer so that the shiny side will be printed on.

5. Make sure your LO and some kind of rubbing tool are handy.

6. Print.

7. Carefully place your transparency over the part of your LO where you want your homemade rub-on to go. Remember, once you place it down, you can't move it.

8. Use your rubbing tool to apply pressure over the rub-on and transfer it to the LO. Be careful not to move the transparency because this kind of rub-on smears easily.

9. Lift your transparency. Your homemade rub-on is complete!

HINTS FROM EXPERIENCE:*Thin/scroll texts work better than thick or chunky letters.*Colours seem to transfer better than straight black, though it can be done with enough pressure.*Transparency rub-ons show up better on smooth rather than textured surfaces, though again it can be done with enough pressure.

This idea was originally posted on KC in November 2006. You can check it out there too!

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