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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are you Camera Shy???

And I don't mean, do you hide from getting your pictures taken..I you settle for 'auto mode' most of the time when you get your camera out? I must admit, I do. It just seems so much easier to leave it in auto then click click click. I'm envious when I see what can be done with the other settings, but just never seem to bother with it.

Maybe you don't know what the symbols mean, or why you would change? I'm going to give a brief outline, just enough for you to understand what them mean, in case you decide to use them.

Automatic mode--(usually the symbol of a camera) Use this when you want the camera to do your thinking for you

Manual Mode--(usually a capital M is the symbol) Use this so you can control all of the settings-aperture, shutter speed, white balance, flash and more.

Action Shot--(usually a symbol of an athelete) Use this to freeze action with a faster shutter speed.

Portrait Mode--(usually a symbol of a woman) Use this to emphasize your subject by producing a blurry background.

Landscape Mode--(usually a symbol of mountains) Use this for scenery shots. The camera selects a small aperture so everything remains in focus.

Macro Mode--(usually a symbol of a flower) Use this for extreme close-ups of small objects.

and finally....

Night Shot--(usually a symbol of a moon or maybe a star) Use this to take better shots at night courtesy of the slower shutter speed and flash.

I found this guide quit helpful and fully plan to be less camera shy in the future.

Good Luck and happy snapping!

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