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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diaper Fold Pouch

School is resuming soon and it's always fun to have a little something in store for the new teacher. Don't give them the regular card with a gift certificate for classroom supplies, instead, opt for a cute pouch that you can fill with goodies.

To make the pouch you will need the following 3 supplies:
One square light piece card stock or double-sided patterned paper
Scoring tool

Step 1
Fold paper in half diagonally.

Step 2
Take one of the lower corners of your triangle and fold it over to the middle of the other triangle side.

Step 3
Take the other lower corner of the triangle and fold it over to the middle of the opposite side.

Step 4
Take one layer of your top corner and fold it down to create your pouch.

Step 5
Decorate and fill your pouch.

Change the filling. Add little note cards instead of candy.
Make it an envelope for an invitation.
Change the size. Make it smaller to add it to a card front. Make it big to hold a lot of goodies.

Made with double-sided patterned paper.

1 comment:

nifty said...

This is so cute, and very quick to make too. What an awesome idea! I love it.