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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview with Crafter BrendasJeans

How I got started: I started making the scrap sacks when I realized I needed something more convenient for my many hobbies, sewing and scrapbooking. The trashcan was never where I needed it at the moment, and after many trials I finally came up with a scrap sack that I could use when I sew for all those thread trimmings and pins, and also when I go on crops for scrapbooking. Then I expanded and started making handbags, organizers, and other little accessories.My favorite items are the handbags, especially when I've got a great pair of jeans with a nice shape, and just the right fabric to match up with it.

The favorite items in my shop are my purse pockets - they are my biggest sellers. They are well priced, extremely handy, and just so darn cute!

What is your crafting space like?

I am fortunate to have a craft room in my house with lots of windows and a bird feeder outside. The family computer also shares this space, and the kids even have their own little table for their projects. They love going through my trashbin looking for fabric scraps.

A personal motto: I don't have a motto so much as a philosophy. I love to create things - it feeds my soul and just makes me feel good. It's nice that I can sell my creations, because then I can make more and more and more. Ultimately, however, I do it because I have fun doing it. And when it's no longer fun, then I'll probably move on to something else.

An interesting fact about you?
I have recently started volunteering one day a week at a local animal rescue.

My favorite item in Brendas shop is the Scrap Sack

This scrap sack is perfect for anyone who does scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, etc... It is made from a pair of denim jeans, and is truly unique. The weighted top sack rests on the edge of a table or sofa arm, and the scrap sack holds paper scraps, threads, yarn, etc...

The outer pocket can hold scissors, glues, eyeglasses, just about anything you need to keep handy. The weighted sack can also serve as a pin cushion.A padded square keeps the bag firmly in place, and a thin flexible wire keeps the bag open while it hangs. It also folds nicely to take on the road or to crops.Weighted sack measures 5" x 5". Hanging bag measures 8 x 9"

What a cool idea! You can visit BrendasJeans shop to order or have a look around.

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