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Monday, January 16, 2012

Join us for a Layout A Week Challenge!

So I have challenged myself to do one layout a week this year. If I can do it. I'll end up with 12 more layouts than I completed last year. I figured I might as well post it as a challenge so anyone else who wants to can follow along too. I am doing it by breaking up the steps into 10-15 minute pieces each day of the week. You are more than welcome to do that with me, wait until the end of the week and do the whole layout at once or follow any other process you feel like using. The main point of the challenge is to get a layout done Biggest Grin The steps here are from last weeks layout.

I'll post the layout I am doing with the measurements/steps, but you don't have to do the layout I am doing either. If you want to join in you can post your completed layout in the forum. Those who participate in our challenges are entered in a drawing to win a $10 prize pack!

So are we ready?

Sunday: Planning
I am using this sketch as the basis for my layout this week:

From June 2010 Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine
I'll be doing it on a 12x12 paper not 8.5x11
Here are the layouts that were made from this sketch in the magazine:
I am also going to be trying out a new technique for this layout. Here is a list of items needed to make the layout and do the technique
1 background paper
2 complimenting patterned papers
1 border
1 circle journal tag
bracket shape
crepe paper
3 pictures
Title letters/stickers
4-5 coordinating smaller embellishments

Step 2: Gather supplies
Step 3: Come up with journaling/title
Step 4: crop photos and cut paper to needed sizes.
Step 5: Make any special embellishments
For the layout I am doing I wanted to try out something I saw in a magazine for a portion of my title.
It's pretty simple.
On the back of the bracket shaped (or any shape) piece, I used my roll on permanent glue to put a line of glue on the edge. I would suggest putting it only on a short portion to start out. I put it all the way around the edge...not a good idea stuff sticks to it lmao Imagine that it's glue!

Then take crepe paper and start putting it on the glue in a ruffle.
So from the front it will look like this:
Just do that all the way around and that's it.
I stamped my title on and used an ink pad to add some red to the crepe paper ruffle

Step 6: Adhere papers and pictures. Add title/journaling.
Step 7: Embellish!
Layout 1 Complete!

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