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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cropping Style

Crop or not to crop your photos...

I crop most of my photos some of the I crop a lot more than others. I do this to give added interest to my pages. I really try to ensure that my photos, and not all of the peripherals, are the most memorable part of my page. And some times to achieve this I have to crop!

Here is a cute photo of my husbands cousin with her daughter... isn't she the cutest? Straight out of the camera it's nice, but I want more umph!

In this version, I added a bit of contrast and cropped just a bit. Enough crop to get rid of the other "partial person" in the shot and the contrast was enough to pop her eye color

This is where most people stop the crop. Having your subjects fill the frame...

nice huh???

But let's take it a step further...

I ran an action to soften mom's pores, because this close of a crop you can really see them but you also get an awesome shot of this kids eyes, with out losing mom's kiss!

So next time you are sitting with bunches of photos to scrap try cropping a bit more than you'd normally do... you may really like the results!

Here is a tip for paper scrappers: If you are working with actual photos, as opposed to pixels, try using strips of paper to cover areas of your photos , as a way to "try on" a crop.

Happy Scrapping!


ms318i said...

i love these close up shots........might have crop a little more next time !

thanx for the tip andrea

PrettyPeaches said...

Great tip Andrea :)