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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Photography

I love fall! I love when the leaves start changing colors. Aren't they pretty? My favorite part of fall is going up in the mountains and taking pictures of the fall scenery.

Ever wonder how they get those bright and beautiful fall pictures done? Well, it's pretty easy.

Bright sunlight on a fall day is best, especially to make the colors "pop". If you are doing landscape photos make sure you are using a smaller aperture (f16 or above) to create a huge depth of field. Make sure you aren't taking pictures in haze or overcast skies too. Haze acts like a filter and stops the light from entering the lens.

Next time you are out, try it. Have fun playing!

Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah

Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah


Suzanne said...

This canyon is in my backyard, where are you Nicole?

jessica said...

Hi there, I am with Utah Valley Magazine. We are doing a story on Hobble Creek Canyon. We would love to use the two photos on your blog for the story. Let us know if we have permission, and who to give photo credit to. Thanks for your help.

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